Design Division

In Minerbe headquarter, since year 2000, Uniform created an office dedicated to the design of curtain walls in wood and aluminium, as a result of extension of our system to a section that requires evolution over time, cutting down the energy consumption without renouncing to emotional design:

  • Unitherm wood-aluminium
  • Unitherm wood-bronze
  • Unitherm wood

Our services encompass technicians for the promotion at design studios.

An internal staff of architects and engineers take care of the information collection, received from the sales force, and of the feasabilty study interfacing with the managers of the different production departments.

The staff arranges the proposal of the system that best suits to the different clients needs starting from the quotation processing until the generation of executive drawing tables, passing through activities of measurement at the building yard and project management: further professionals are then in charge of managing the construction side in safety and the coordination of installation.