Factory Plant

Glulam wood is our precious resource to realise curtain walls. We use Slovanian oak for its strength and longevity thanks to its content of tannin.

Our production process begins with the very selection and purchase of the trunks in the forest, and ends with the bonding of lamellas in order to get the final sections  required; intermediate processing include kiln-drying of the boards and custom-cutting and trimming of the resulting lamellas out of  modern and fast machineries.

Our glulam wood production is certificated by CATAS, renowned Italian R&D centre with testing labs for the wood based furniture section; CATAS sets the rules to control the production of glulam wood for windows and doors according to the type of wood used, the features of the glues and the composition of the laminated profile.

Our facility in Romania produces approximately 10 cubic meters of laminated wood per day, that are used for curtain walls and doors-windows according to the estimated needs: we can tackle large-scale works predisposing different sections according to the requests of our customers.